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Pēpi / Babies

Safe and gentle for newborns and onwards


How is BCST suited to my pēpi / baby?

Many parents choose BCST to support their pēpi with the best start in life.

BCST is extremely gentle and safe for newborns. With no need to remove clothing, it is a non-disruptive soothing modality.

It is an ideal theraeuptic balancing and re-organising method for newborn babies who may have experienced a challenging pregnancy, labour and birth journey or transition into the extra-uterine world.


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What happens during a session?

Commonly babies may settle and sleep during the session, or actively express their 'story' by communicating with movement and/or sound.

Recognising the importance of the mama-baby dyad, mama/parent/caregiver are included in the sesssion with their pēpi/baby. Pēpi can comfortably be held in mama's/whānau's arms throughout, or rest safely nearby with the practitioner making soft therapeutic contact.

Most importantly, pēpi and mama/whanau lead the session including the pace of unfolding / aligning.  The practitioner is highly training in recognising such cues and subtle shifts / expressions in the nervous sytem, tissues and fluids

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How can BCST help my newborn?

Reasons parents and whānau come to BCST for their baby include:

  • recognition, processing and resolving birth stress or trauma

  • unsettledness / crying

  • colic

  • excessive spilling

  • latching or breastfeeding difficulties

  • tounge-tie (ankyloglossia)

  • Pepi's neck / head position (torticollis) 

  • sleep

  • deepening the connection between pēpi and mama/ parent(s)/whanau

  • to support baby's natural capacity for thriving, balanced wellbeing and overall growth and development

  • pre-term birth

  • Intra uterine growth restriction

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